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About us

Alliance AIBĖ 

AIBĖ, the largest alliance of retailers in Lithuania and Latvia in terms of the number of stores, brings together more than 400 retailers operating a network of more than 1,400 stores in Lithuania and Latvia.


  • Number of AIBĖ stores: >850
  • Number of members: >250
  • Retail area, sq. m: 90,000
  • Turnover 2021, EUR: 370 million


  • Number of AIBĖ stores: >550
  • Number of members: >150
  • Retail area, sq. m: 40,000
  • Turnover 2021, EUR: 180 million


Alliance AIBĖ was founded in Lithuania in 1999, in Latvia – in 2002.

The members of the alliance AIBĖ are independent entrepreneurs who operate retail stores in various locations in Lithuania and Latvia using AIBĖ brand. AIBĖ members benefit from a centralized supply and ordering system, favorable commercial terms for goods, common marketing and communication, IT and financial solutions.

AIBĖ stores are conveniently located in almost every city and town. These are cozy, comfortable grocery shops offering everyday essentials and welcoming every customer as a friend. Quick and convenient shopping experience and a wide range of products which prices meets the quality are AIBĖ’s priority.

AIBĖ – we are your neighbours!


The Mission

To provide everyday necessities to the people living in the neighbourhood, ensure their needs and improve brand loyalty.

The Vision

Become the first buyer’s choice in the neighbourhood.

The Values

We are experts in retail for more than 20 years.

We work for the customer, the partner, the community and the team:

  • Honestly and responsibly;
  • Committed and passionate;
  • Respecting and appreciating.



Why is it worth to be in the Alliance AIBĖ?

  • Representation of AIBĖ members to negotiate and obtain the best commercial terms for the purchase of goods.
  • Centralized and regular supply of goods with a deferred payment deadline.
  • Convenient ordering system by internet and by phone.
  • Free central database of product information.
  • Providing store accounting and management solutions, self-service tills and automated ordering system.
  • General external and internal advertising communication (TV, online, social media, magazine, etc.).
  • Centralized loyalty card program AIBĖ JUMS.
  • Renovations and project development – concessional financing on preferential terms.
  • Free preparation and consultation on interior and exterior visualizations and technological projects.
  • Various service offers for optimization and operational cost savings.
  • Help and consultation organizing new store openings.
  • Events for AIBĖ members: conferences, training courses, summer parties, anniversaries etc.



AIBĖ logistics warehouse is located in Kaunas district, in the territory of LEZ, and supplies more than 800 AIBĖ stores and other retail outlets throughout Lithuania. Warehouse area – 16 320 m2. It features areas with different temperature settings to ensure the storage of a wide range of products: from long shelf-life goods such as cereals, pasta, household chemicals, to shorter shelf-life dairy and meat products, as well as the selection of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The warehouse has a new warehouse management system, which makes managing and controlling all warehouse processes more convenient and faster. Goods are collected using RF terminals. This reduces errors, ensures control and increases productivity. In parallel, a transport and yard management system has been installed to optimize vehicle loading and routing, and to control and manage supply flows. This avoids congestion in the goods reception process and controls vehicles entering and leaving the area.

More than 5,000 tonnes of goods (more than 12,000 pallets) go to AIBĖ stores per month. Most of the goods are selected in units, due to the nature of operation of the AIBĖ shops in the Alliance. ROLL containers and pallets are used for transporting goods to reduce logistics costs for stores. Lead times for logistics orders range from 24 to 48 hours, depending on the frequency of deliveries.

AIBĖ Logistics orders goods using an online ordering application, which provides all the necessary information about the goods, product range, promotions, news, etc. Alliance members have the opportunity to order and receive goods not only from the warehouse range, but also from a wide range of suppliers, which are not in stock. These goods are supplied on a crossdock basis.

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